Do you need to make a claim on products purchased from us?

Warranty conditons claims/ repairs is valid as per Law in Slovakia. 

Goods need to be carefully packed and send together with filled claim form and copy of bill to:
EW Distribution s.r.o.
Stanicna 18
97101 Prievidza 

Special conditons of warranty claims:

1. In case of an unproven defect or mechanical damage of the goods, quotation will be issued for a paid repair, which will be valid for 7 days from the date of issue. If you do not accept a repair quotation, you will be charged an administrative and handling fee related to the handling of the claim in the amount of 15 Eur without VAT. If you do not send an statement on the offer by this deadline, we will consider it unaccepted and the claim will be concluded without repair.
1a. Conditions in point 1. are not valid for first time claim of particular piece of goods.
2. In the case of receiving goods which are have not been distributed by EW Distribution s.r.o. Handling and admin charge of 15 Euro without VAT will be charged.
3. The usual maximum repair time is 25 days from receipt of the goods to our warehouse
4. The warranty for the work performed and the replacement part under the Commercial law is 3 months.


Ms. Silvia Mečiarová
mobil: +421 948 282 737