Do you need to make a claim for goods purchased from us?

The conditions of warranty repairs are regulated by the Commercial Code of the Slovak Republic.

We kindly ask that you remove the patterns, codes, and passwords on your mobile device. In the case of the iPhone, also unsubscribe from the "find my iphone" service. This will speed up the complaint process.
Please pack the goods carefully in a solid packaging materials to protect it from damage during transport, include the copy of your receipt and send it to the address you received in claim confirmation e-mail.

Complaint protocol

Company name
Return address
Complaint type
Invoice number
Original end consumer purchase date
Additional equipment
Fault description
Attach file

    Special conditions for warranty repairs:

    1. In the event of an untreated defect or mechanical damage to the goods, we will issue you a price offer for a paid repair, which will be valid within 7 days of its issuance. In case of non-acceptance of the price offer for repair, you will be charged an administrative and handling fee associated with handling the complaint in the amount of 15 Euros without VAT. If you do not comment on the offer by this deadline, we will consider it unaccepted and the order will be closed without repair.
    1a. The conditions in point 1 do not apply to the first claim for a given piece of goods.
    2. In case of collecting of goods for complaint, which does not come from EW Distribution s.r.o. You will be charged a handling and administrative fee of 15 Euros without VAT.
    3. The usual maximum duration of the repair is 25 days from collecting of the goods at our warehouse
    4. The warranty for work performed and replaced spare part in accordance with the Commercial Code is 3 months.
    5. In case of insufficient protection of the goods by poor packaging materials, you will be provided with packaging material at your expense.

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    Ivana Pekárová

    • RMA manager