Do you need to complain about goods purchased from us?

The terms of warranty repairs are governed by the Commercial Code of the Slovak Republic.

We ask you to remove patterns, codes and passwords on the mobile device. In the case of an iPhone, also to log out of the "find my iphone. It will speed up the claim process.

Please carefully wrap the goods in strong packaging material to protect them from damage during transport, and send the package together with a copy of the note to the address that will be sent to you by e-mail with confirmation of receipt of the complaint after filling out the complaint protocol.

Complaint protocol

Return address
Claim type
IMEI 1 or S/N
Invoice / Order number
Date of purchase by the end customer
Your claim number
Download status
Additional equipment
Fault description

    Special conditions for warranty repairs: 

    1. In the event of an undetected defect or mechanical damage to the goods, we will issue you a price quote for a paid repair, which will be valid within 7 days of its issue. If you do not accept the price offer for the repair, you will be charged an administrative and handling fee associated with processing the claim in the amount of 15 Euros excluding VAT. If you do not comment on the given offer by this deadline, we will consider it as not accepted and the order will be closed without correction. 1a. The conditions in point 1 do not apply to the first complaint of a given piece of goods. 

    2. In case of receipt of goods for complaint, which do not come from EW Distribution a.s. You will be charged a handling and administrative fee of 15 € excluding VAT. 

    3. The usual maximum duration of the repair is 25 days from the receipt of the goods in our warehouse 

    4. The warranty for the work performed and the replaced spare part in accordance with the Commercial Act is 3 months. 

    5. In case of insufficient protection of the goods using packaging material, you will be provided with replacement packaging material at your expense.

    Use qualified post-warranty service

    After the warranty period has expired, and if necessary, we are at your disposal. We carry out both small and large-scale repairs according to the possibilities and the nature of the defect in the shortest possible time. During its existence, our company has gained a reputation among its customers as a really solid company that will always offer a solution to the situation so that the customer is satisfied and can continue to fully enjoy the purchased product.


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    Bezkontaktný teplomer manuál

    Bezkontaktný teplomer manuál

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