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Spustili sme komfortný B2B eshop pre našich veľkooobchodných partnerov. Nájdete v ňom všetky nami predávané a ponúkané značky pod jednou strechou, prehľadne zoradené. Po prihlásení uvidíte ceny nastavené priamo pre Vás a môžete začať jednoducho nakupovať s dvojročnou zárukou. Tovar Vám doručíme do 24h do Vašej spoločnosti.


We offer our partners the possibility of cooperation through 

What is it?

In short, dropshipping is offering goods from an external warehouse through your own e-commerce.

Why dropshipping?

you offer our goods as if they were yours

you don't have to invest money in expensive stock

we keep a wide range of products in stock

the prices of electronics and mobile phones are constantly changing - we monitor the market for you and our prices are always competitive

we will deliver the goods directly to the hands of your customer anywhere in Slovakia and the Czech Republic within 24 hours

we will handle complaints for you

Other benefits:

XML Feed

API link on request

professional communication

For more information, please contact us using the form below.

Wide portfolio of products under one roof

An assortment of products from major global manufacturers of GSM and consumer electronics at the best prices and all products are in stock for dispatch on the same day.

The products from our portfolio are intended for the EU market and we guarantee the origin of each product. We provide a 24 month warranty service on all products (only for new products).

Recycle your old device and get paid for it

We will buy back all types of mobile phones from all manufacturers in any condition. 
Contact us for a quote tailor-made just for you.

Why sell your phone:

  • Do you receive mobile phones from the operator for a new flat rate every year and the old ones are sufficient for your employees?
  • Do you regularly upgrade your company’s mobile phones fleet and you don't know what to do with the old ones?
  • Do you have the opportunity to obtain expensive phones for a few euro from you network provider but your employees would be just as happy with cheaper ones?

How we can help?

  • we buy new or used equipment
  • we offer a fair price 
  • fast processing
  • % bonus for purchase of new devices

How to proceed?

Contact us using the form below

Pack the goods carefully and send them together with the list of goods for assessment to the following address:

EW Distribution s.r.o.

Staničná 18

97101, Prievidza


We will estimate the price according to the market value and send you a price proposal

f you accept the price proposal, you will issue us an invoice and we will pay it

If you do not accept our purchase price, we will send the devices back to you

What will we do with your devices?

We assess their condition, refurbish and resell it to our partners.


Company ID number
Number of phones sent for review
Estimated redemption value
Address for sending the goods back

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